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Offering massage and aromatherapy for women and  women ONLY.  Providing stress and pain relief of all sorts of aches, pains, such as fibromyalgia, MS, TMJ and tired achy feet. I am also working on providing relief from headaches via the use of massage, Synergy Stones and essential oils.  I provide a unique blend of  Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point  which I call "Relax Tissue." The ONLY types of massage I do not offer are Prenatal and true, therapeutic Deep Tissue nor do I do sports massage. I also do not offer "couple's" massage (Ex. Mother/Daughter, 2 sisters or 2 friends) as I am a solo practitioner and really, my room is not large enough. I tend to have a medium, but firm pressure. I do not believe that in order for massage to be good and effective that it has to hurt or I have to "dig." What I do is, I utilize strokes that are designed to relax the muscle first then if need be, go a bit deeper.  In my mind, this approach I use is very effective in providing stress and pain relief. My Synergy Stones then do add a bit of extra pressure and depth to relieve muscle aches and stress. 


Anjala Ferguson

Great massage!  Works around your schedule.

The most relaxing , peaceful place for my first massage. I cant wait to return. I will be a forever customer.  Very happy I went. Thank you for making my experience memorable.  See you soon.

Chasity Jones  recommends A Peaceful Oais

I was looking for a place for my very first massage. I heard from a friend about peaceful Oasis and about how wonderful Ruth was. I called today (on a weekend) eager to try! She got me in the next hour! I was nervous but as she made me feel comfortable and relax I finally set myself in a relaxing mood. She used amazing scents and focused on points according to my job. I’m already planning to get a another appointment. Best choice for a massage hands down for me! Also she wanted to get to know me before starting and I thought that I was just chatting with a friend I was comfortable with her! Beyond five stars to me!

Elizabeth Miller

Awesome massage! Very relaxing, and an excellent break from work/ life. The essential oils were very nice, and it was an overall lovely experience with a very kind massage therapist


Basic Policies:   1) Try to arrive 15 minutes early on first visit to fill out an intake form.  2) Feel free to ask any questions you may have during the brief intake interview--this includes pressure level, whether or not one has allergies to certain products or animals(I have cats) and  basic health info.  3) I do from time to time accept young ladies as clients. However, under age 18 requires parental consent and I prefer that a parent/guardian be in the office at the time of the session. 4)  All clients will utilize proper draping as required (I control the draping). 5) Most of all, relax and enjoy.  Special Notes: in the case of bad weather (winter), my general rule of thumb is, if the vast majority of area schools are closed (Fairborn, Huber Heights, Riverside (Mad River Local), Beavercreek, Springfield), then A Peaceful Oasis shall be closed. If it's a delay, then I will keep an eye out on the weather conditions and may just open for a few hours mid-day. My main concern is safety for clients as well as myself.  I will post announcements on my business Facebook page and Google listing. Any clients scheduled will be given a courtesy call and rescheduled on the spot if need be. Each and every day, I will play it by ear. Regarding those who may be hearing impaired, I promise to do my best to communicate with you even though I do not know sign language. For those who may be vision impaired or in need of a service animal, then I do allow the service animal in the office. Thanks

Payments/Scheduling/Rescheduling, etc:  I do ask that when it comes to scheduling/cancelations/rescheduling, I require at least 12 hours notice for cancelations. Same goes for rescheduling. If I receive notice (be it a phone call/text to (937) 344-6156) or to my email address:, if that notice is less than 12 hours, then your credit  No Call/No Shows: These can be avoided by communicating with me by either calling/texting me at (937) 344-6156 if any changes need to be made.  Note: Please refrain from calling or texting (937) 344-6156 prior to 8am or after 10pm unless it is to cancel within the 12 hour notice.  Please leave a voicemail if no answer--thank you. Thank-you.

Other note/FAQs: Location: 440 West Main, Fairborn, Suite B. To make it easy to schedule your appointment, please feel free to take advantage of my easy online scheduling. I DO request that a phone number is included. Thanks  NOTE: My current Groupon offer is for one 60-minute massage (aka "Tranquil Relief") for $38 or 2 sessions for $69. Please note: I DO NOT do or offer 2 hour sessions. What this option does is gets you 2 sessions--scheduled SEPARATELY(two different dates/times) or can be used by 2 persons(female ONLY--done back to back--sorry, no room for 2 at a time--I am a solo practitioner

Menu / Price List/Hours of Operation

This is a brief description of what I do and offer. I am best at what I call therapeutic relaxation massage. I do not do deep tissue nor prenatal.

About Me: Your massage therapist

A firm but gentle touch

Healthy Well-Being

I  put your needs first so you feel better as soon as possible. Your comfort and needs are my primary focus. This starts with the initial intake and a brief interview at your first session.  And in each session, I ask what is needed at that time before the massage begins. 


A Therapist Who Cares

In order to provide you with the best experience, I tailor each and every session to meet your specific goals and needs. I offer primarily therapeutic relaxation massage which provides both relaxation and pain, stress relief. I put you ahead of any set protocol.

To enhance your session, I even encourage you, if you like a certain type of music and have a CD that you would like to be played or a favorite radio station, that can be an option instead of the typical "spa" music. Also, if you don't like having the table warmer on, I will gladly turn it off.  My only real rule for the treatment room is, I ask that no cell phone be used while on the table. This is primarily to avoid any  possible damage that could occur to your phone.

Ruth A Marvin, LMT(me) working on a client

Experienced Knowledge

As a trained, licensed massage therapist, I can assess your needs so you get the perfect massage you'll love.

I am a April 2014 graduate of Miami-Jacobs Career College, Dayton Ohio. There I received 900 hours of training, both classroom and hands on. I obtained my license from the State of Ohio Medical Board in July, 2014.  I do have a copy of my license displayed in the treatment room. **State of Ohio Medical Board License # 33.021759 **

I take great pride and joy in what I do and I aim to give each client my upmost best as that's what I feel they deserve. 

Ladies, please note:  I do take great pride in my work. I am very casual, laid back. But, I want you all to know, I am older and therefore some may not find me to be a suitable fit as a massage therapist.

My Massage

Shoulder massage

Therapeutic Relaxation

The goal of Therapeutic Relaxation is to melt away muscle tension and increase the blood flow to your heart. Therapeutic Relaxation Massage is extremely therapeutic as it decreases muscle tension, increases oxygen levels in the blood, and improves flexibility in the body.  

 I perform my own unique blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy. I aid this process with the use of Synergy Stones and the essential oils I choose for one's session based upon one's needs. Note: Please inform me if you are allergic to any essential oil(s) or ingredients that may be in my massage cream/lotion. I have plain, unscented massage oil on hand to use of feel free to bring your own.  Other Notes:  I do not do typical Deep Tissue, nor do I do Prenatal massage. 

Also, I play typical relaxation music and have several CDs that I utilize. However, if you desire, please feel free to bring in any music you would like to hear during your session. Again, I do have a CD player for CDs or you can bring like an IPod to your session.

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